Ibẹrẹ is a Yoruba word that means to start.  "The beginning."  "To take the first step." "To carry out an action, set in motion." It is through tapping into our roots, the source, our beginning that we are reminded to be guided and inspired by all around us, to be and do the work. Ibẹrẹ was created through divine inspiration and pays homage to the aspects of Olodumare that have guided our ancestors, and continue to guide our elders, our generation, and our children...  The Òrìṣàs.  

Ibẹrẹ is a melanated, female owned business, headquartered in the New Jersey/New York City Area. We are independently owned and operated (by an initiated IFÁ and Òrìṣà priest - Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria lineage). Every item is made to order and manufactured in the United States by the designer.

Ibẹrẹ is a means through which everyone - Initiated priests, practitioners, devotees, and those with an affinity to IFÁ and the Òrìṣàs are able to express themselves.